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Currently there are 13 breweries in our branch area. Dartmoor Brewery (formerly Princetown Brewery) lies just outside our area but has also been assigned to our branch bringing the grand total to 14. Details of all these breweries are provided below. It's CAMRA's policy to have a Brewery Liaison Officer (BLO), usually a CAMRA member from the local or adjacent branch, responsible for each brewery who feeds news and information about that brewery to other branch members and CAMRA HQ. Such information is available in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide published annually in September. The BLO's for most of our breweries are listed here.

Bays Brewery Ltd,
Aspen Way, Paignton, TQ4 7QR
Tel: 01803 555004
Fax: 01803 554936
Email: info@baysbrewery.co.uk
Bays Brewery Logo

Bays Brewery began in March 2007 when Will Freeland, Mark Salmon and Peter Salmon joined forces and signed a lease on an old 5000 square foot steel fabrication unit in Paignton. The transformation began towards the end of March and by the middle of June, after some considerable construction and installation works, we were running our first brew through our 20 barrel brew plant. The first two brews, Best and Gold, were successfully launched into local pubs simultaneously in the first week in July. With Will Freeland’s experience as the head brewer at Skinners Brewery in Truro for ten years.

Bays Brewery was quickly able to establish an efficient and consistent brewing regime. Bottles were launched in August 2007, the brewery shop was opened in October 2007 and our third ale, Bays Breaker, was made available to our drinkers in November 2007.

Regular Beers:
Bays Best (ABV 3.7%) - Amber, well balanced, clean & crisp session beer. Dry, hoppy finish.
Bays Gold (ABV 4.3%)
- A light golden ale with lemon citrus overtones
Bays Breaker (ABV 4.7%)
- A fruity and malty chestnut coloured ale.

Recommended Outlets:
Coming soon...

Black Tor Brewery Ltd,
Unit 5, Gidleys Industrial Estate, Christow, EX6 7QB
Tel: 01647 252120
Email: jack@blacktorbrewery.com
Bays Brewery Logo

Black Tor Brewery is based in Christow in the Teign Valley on the site formerly occupied by Gidleys Brewery. They began brewing in 2013 and supply pubs all over Dartmoor and the Devon/Cornwall border.

Regular Beers:
Pride of Dartmoor (ABV 4.0%) - This malty best bitter is brewed with a blend of Pearle, Mt. Hood and Cascade hops.
Dartmoor Pale Ale (ABV 4.5%)
- A light golden straw coloured beer that provides a hoppy aromatic punch thanks to a generous helping of English Golding hops.
Honour (ABV 5.2%)
- Honour was invented after a local pub loved the taste of Pride of Dartmoor but whose loyal regulars had a preference to a stronger beer. This resulted in Honour, a 5.2% beer based on the Pride recipe..
Templar's IPA (ABV 5.8%) - Templar’s IPA has the classic flavouring of an Indian Pale Ale but with a gentle dark fruit twist.

Recommended Outlets:
Bridford Inn, Bridford; Teign House Inn, Christow; Palk Arms, Hennock; Riverside Inn, Bovey Tracey; Highweek Village Inn, Highweek

Bridgetown Brewery,
Albert Inn, 32 Bridgetown Close, Totnes, TQ9 5AD
Tel: 01803 863214
Bridgetown Brewery

The Albert Inn changed hands in December 2007. The new owners have since built a 2.5 barrel brewery which started brewing in April 2008.

Regular Beers:
AA (The Real Emergency Service (ABV 3.8%) - A pale session beer
Bridgetown Bitter (ABV 4.0%)
- Mahogany coloured, rich malt and bitter hopped producing a traditional British bitter.
Realaleativity (ABV 4.8%)
- A dark, medium beer, full of depth and serious flavours

Recommended Outlets:
Albert Inn, Totnes

Dartmoor Brewery Ltd (formerly Princetown Brewery),
Station Road, Princetown, Devon, PL20 6QX
Tel: 01822 890789
Fax: 01822 890798
Email: ale@princetownbreweries.co.uk

Dartmoor brewery was established in 1994 as Princetown Brewery by former Hop Back and Gibbs Mew brewer Simon Loveless. Brewing was increased to 60 barrels a week in 1998, supplying four pubs owned by a sister company  and about 20 local pubs direct. A further expansion occurred in 2005 when £1 million was invested in a new building and German-built plant behind the old premises. The new brew-length is 30 barrels with scope to produce 60 barrels a day. The brewery was renamed Dartmoor Brewery in May 2008. In 2010 three new 14,000-litre fermenting vessels were added to further increase capacity to cope with ever-growing demand. It is claimed to be the highest brewery in England at 1400 feet above sea level. Jail Ale is now available in bottles and is available in local off licenses, including Tuckers Maltings. The brewery is a member of SIBA. Brewery tours are not currently available for members of the public.

Regular Beers:
Dartmoor IPA (OG 1039.5, ABV 4.0%) - An amber coloured ale with a smooth thirst-quenching taste and subtle hop aroma
Legend (ABV 4.4%)
- A classic cask-conditioned beer: smooth, full-flavoured and balanced, with a crispy malt fruit finish.
Jail Ale (OG 1047.5, ABV 4.8%)
- A full bodied, mid-brown beer with a well rounded flavour and a sweet moorish aftertaste

Recommended Outlets:
Prince of Wales, Princetown; Plume of Feathers, Princetown; Artillery Arms, Plymouth; Trout and Tipple, Tavistock; Ordulph Arms, Tavistock; The Bedford Hotel, Tavistock; Whitchurch Inn, Tavistock; Rock Inn, Yelverton; Dartmoor Union, Holbeton; Leaping Salmon, Horrabridge; Walkhampton Inn, Walkhampton; Elephant's Nest, Mary Tavy; Peter Tavy Inn, Peter Tavy; Drewe Arms, Drewsteignton; Royal Oak, Meavy; Pym Arms, Devonport; Palk Arms, Hennock; Tradesman's Arms, Scoriton; Rising Sun, Woodland; Bishop Lacy, Chudleigh; Moorland Hotel, Plymouth; Odd Wheel, Wembury; Maltsters Arms, Tuckenhay; Rising Sun, Botus Fleming; Manor Inn, Lower Ashton; Sandy Park Inn, Chagford; Royal Oak, Dunsford; Teign House Inn, Christow; George Inn, Blackawton; Forces Tavern, Blackawton; Windjammer, Dartmouth; Three Crowns Inn, Chagford; Pig and Whistle, Totnes; Two Bridges Hotel, Two Bridges; White Hart, Buckfastleigh; Wild Goose Inn, Combeinteignhead; Church House Inn, Rattery;

Devon Earth Brewery,
7 Fernham Terrace, Torquay Road, Paignton, Devon, TQ3 2AQ
Tel: 01803 525778
Mob: 07927 397871
Email: info@devonearthbrewery.co.uk
Devon Earth Brewery

Devon Earth Brewery launched its first real ale "Devon Earth" in March 2008 from its 2.5 barrel plant. Paignton brewer Amyas Holroyd actually brews his beer at a site on the banks of the River Dart on the edge of Dartmoor. The brewhouse was rebuilt and part time brewing recommenced in 2013. They only very occasionally brew and mainly supply local beer festivals and a few local pubs.

Regular Beers:
Devon Earth (ABV 4.2%) - This is a light, refreshing golden ale
Grounded (ABV 4.7%) - A light to medium bitter made with local malts and using Northdown and Challenger hops. Bitter with a malt finish
Lost in the Woods (ABV 5.2%) - A dark porter weighing in at 5.2% ABV, winner of the Double Locks Best Beer in Devon

Recommended Outlets:
They mainly brew just for beer festivals and so don't regularly supply any pubs...

Hunters Brewery,
Glebe Acres, Orley Road, Ipplepen, Newton Abbot, TQ12 5SA
Tel: 01803 814399
Mob: 07540 657115

Hunters Brewery opened in September 2008 and uses a 5 barrel plant.

Regular Beers:

Crack Shot (ABV 3.8%)
Half Bore (ABV 4.0%)
Pheasant Plucker (ABV 4.3%)
Gold (ABV 4.8%)
Full Bore (ABV 8.0%)
Devon Earth (ABV 4.0%)

Recommended Outlets:
Dicey O'Reillys, Teignmouth; Most Wetherspoons in South Devon; Old Church House Inn, Harberton; Rumouts, Totnes; Bickley Mill Inn, Kingskerswell; Church House Inn, Stoke Gabriel; Cott Inn, Dartington; Linny Inn, Coffinswell; Park Inn, Kingskerswell; Old Rydon Inn, Kingsteignton; Steam Packet, Totnes; Queens Arms, Brixham; Old Fire House, Exeter; White Hart, Buckfastleigh; Dartmoor Inn, Merrivale

New Lion Brewery Ltd ,
South Street, Totnes, TQ9 7DZ
Tel: 01803 863158
Email: info@newlionbrewery.co.uk
New Lion Brewery

In 1926, The Lion Brewery in the heart of Totnes ceased trading. At its peak, the successful brewery owned 26 pubs and employed many local people. People far and wide celebrated its famous porter and stout beers. Now, a passionate group of 4 Totnesians with unique and appropriate skills are establishing the New Lion Brewery, a business that will once again craft award winning beers and bring money into the Totnes economy.

The brewery has already begun brewing trial brews in late 2013 in limited 1 firkin batches and will be expanding rapidly. Our business model focuses on 3 pillars – community, innovation and profitability. The community will help shape the company and, down the road, will have the opportunity to invest in it. The business will sit as one of many ‘Transition in Action’ businesses in the town. It will create employment, attract new visitors, generate revenue for other projects and potentially provide a return to local investors. It doesn’t end there! Not only will a part of the profits feed a virtuous circle of local entrepreneurship and boost the south Devon economy, but we will regularly share our knowledge of business and brewing via apprenticeships and training courses.

Recommended Outlets:
Bay Horse, Totnes

Platform 5 Brewing Company ,
197 Queen Street, Newton Abbot, TQ12 2BS
Tel: 01626 354166
Platform 5 Brewery

Platform 5 began brewing in 2006 using a 6 barrel plant. The brewery is situated in part of an enclosed alley under the disused Platform 5 of Newton Abbot station, with the other part housing the pub's skittle alley.

Regular Beers:
Wheeltappers Bitter (ABV 4.0%)
Gold (ABV 4.8%)

Recommended Outlets:
Railway Inn, Newton Abbot; Molloys, Teignmmouth; Molloys, St Marychurch

Quercus Devon Ales,
Units 2M & N, South Hams Business Park, Churchstow, Kingsbridge, TQ7 3QH
Tel: 01548 854888
Fax: 01548 854888
Mob: 07794916736
Email: contact@quercusdevonales.com

The 8-barrel capacity brewery was installed in December 2006. Trading since summer of 2007 from Churchstow near Kingsbridge. In 2011 the brewery was acquired by two local residents, John Tiner and Mike George. Beer is available to the public from the brewery in bottles as well as beer-in-the-box. The brewery is now a member of SIBA. There are plans for a move to nearby site and to purchase a larger brew kit and a bottling plant. Seasonal ales also available on draught.

Regular Beers:
Devon Amber (ABV 3.8%) - Coppery Amber colour, dry hoppy aroma and flavour, with a sweet malt back bone. Delightfully dry and hoppy.
Prospect (ABV 4.0%) - A rich appealing aroma balanced with a subtle bitterness and sweet malt flavours; thirst quenching and very drinkable.
Shingle Bay (ABV 4.2%) - A light, golden ale with a fruity citrus aroma and flavour; smooth tasting with a crisp finish.
Harry’s – Ale (ABV 4.6%) - A rich mahogany coloured ale with a sweetness and warmth that will wash the winter blues away.

Recommended Outlets:
Fisherman’s Rest, Aveton Gifford; Church House Inn, Harberton;;Quay, Kingsbridge; Royal Oak, Malborough; Open Arms, Chillington

Red Rock Brewery,
Higher Humber Farm, Bishopsteignton, Devon, TQ14 9TD
Tel: 07894 035094
Email: john@redrockbrewery.co.uk

The brewery was started in 2006 by two teachers who shared an overwhelming interest in beer. Luckily one of them had a lifelong fascination with home brewing and (more importantly) a son who has had lots of brewing experience! He also had a friend, Geoff, who is a farmer with spaces in barns.

Regular Beers:
Humber Down (ABV 3.6%) - A classic brown ale. Dark in the glass with a smoky first taste followed by soft malt and hop flavours
Back Beach (ABV 3.8%)
- A golden bitter which uses Westminter pale malt balanced with Goldings hops for a crisp, clean finish
Red Rock (ABV 4.2%)
- Pale malt, a hint of crystal malt and a blend of Cluster Styrian and Goldings hops produce a well balanced bitter
Drift Wood (ABV 4.3%)
- Amber a pale malts combine with Cluster, Goldings and Styrian hops to produce a wonderful dry, nutty beer with aromatic hop overtones
Rushy Mede (ABV 4.4%)
- A new organic pale ale named after the spring from which Red Rock draw their water
Dark Ness (ABV 4.5%)
- Malt and barley conbine with a blend of hops to produce a mouth filling smooth, award winning dark beer
Break Water (ABV 4.6%)
- A blend of three malts and three varieties of hops give a mouth filling flavour of roasted malt balanced with a heavy hop finish
Christmas Cheer (ABV 5.2%)
- An aroma of Christmas pudding but tastes like a good strong ale without any overpowering flavours

Recommended Outlets:
The Blue Anchor, Teignmouth; The Lansdowne, Dawlish; The Wild Goose, Combeinteignhead; The Castle, Holcombe; Decks Wine Bar, Teignmouth; Cockhaven Manor Hotel, Bishopsteignton; The Swan Inn, Dawlish

South Hams Brewery Co Ltd,
Stokeley Barton Barns, Stokenham, Kingsbridge, TQ7 2SE
Tel: 01548 581151
Fax: 01548 581010
Email: info@southhamsbrewery.co.uk

The brewery, formerly Sutton Brewing, moved to its present sitein 2003, with a 10-barrel plant and plenty of room to expand. It supplied more than 60 outlets in Plymouth and South Devon. Wholesalers are used to ditribute to other areas. Two pubs are owned by the brewery. The brewery is a member of SIBA. Brewery tours are available by arrangement.

Regular Beers:
Devon Pride (OG 1039, ABV 3.8%) - A dark amber colour beer, with a fruity aroma. Rich in flavour, this beer defies its A.B.V. with a surprising amount of body. Smooth to drink, with a malty palate and hints of fruit leading to further fruit in the finish
XSB (OG 1043, ABV 4.2%)
- A light amber colour beer with a fruity & malty aroma. Full of body and smooth to drink, a bitter edge gives way to malt undertones & then a delicate fruit finish
Sutton Comfort (OG 1045, ABV 4.5%)
Eddystone (OG 1050, ABV 4.8%)
- This golden IPA has a distinctly fruity aroma and a very fruity palette. Slight hints of malt follow afterwards, but then the fruit returns! A not so bitter beer that uses Cascade hops in abundance to deliver its character
Pandemonium (OG 1050, ABV 4.8%)

Seasonal Beers:
Wild Blonde (ABV 4.4%) (spring and summer) - A golden coloured beer that is seriously refreshing. The light beer is overflowing with fruit in the palette; Styrian and Goldings hops are unmistakable in its distinctive fruity aroma
Hopnosis (ABV 4.5%) (spring and summer)
Porter (ABV 5.0%) (autumn and winter)
Knickadroppa Glory (ABV 5.0%) (autumn and winter)

Recommended Outlets:
Tradesmans Arms, Stokenham; Pigs Nose, East Prawle; Queens Arms, Slapton; Tower Inn, Slapton

Teignworthy Brewery,
The Maltings, Teign Road, Newton Abbot, TQ12 4AA
Tel: 01626 332066
Fax: 01626 332066
Email: john@teignworthy.freeserve.co.uk

Teignworthy brewery was established in 1994 by John and Rachel Lawton and is located in part of the historic Tuckers Maltings. There are regular tours of the maltings from Easter to the end of October, which includes the brewery and a sample of beer (tel: 01626 334734 or www.tuckersmaltings.com for details). The brewery is a 15-barrel plant and produces an average of 30-35 barrels a week using malt from Tuckers. Production has increased due to Progressive Beer Dut, which levies lower rates of duty on smaller brewers. It supplies 75 outlets in Devon and Somerset, and some beers from the range are bottled on site and are available from the Tuckers Maltings shop (also by mail order). The brewery is a member of SIBA.

Regular Beers:
Reel Ale (OG 1039.5, ABV 4.0%) - Clean sharp tasting bitter with long lasting hoppiness from a blend of English hops
Spring Tide (OG 1043.5, ABV 4.3%)
- A copper-coloured ale with sweet overtones, smooth & well-balanced
Old Moggie (OG 1044.5, ABV 4.4%)
- A clear mahogany ale with a good hoppy, citrus taste
Beachcomber (OG 1045.5, ABV 4.5%)
- Light in colour with a refreshing citrus taste & a dry finish

Seasonal Beers & Specials:
Ebb Tide (ABV 3.8%) - A zesty thirst quencher, golden / straw in colour
Harvey's Ale (ABV 4.6%)
Special Blend (ABV 4.7%)
- A blend of Harvesters and Reel having all the flavour of the exceptional Maris Otter malt, with the dryness and cutting edge of Reel
Amy's Ale (ABV 4.8%)
Climate Change (ABV 5.0%)
- A seasonal ale for autumn with a colour like autumn sunshine. A very dry bitter, striking to the palate
Maltster's Ale (ABV 5.0%) (available in November)
Martha's Mild (ABV 5.3%) (available in April and October)
- A classic mild
Harvesters (ABV 5.5%) (available in September)
- A full-flavoured, malty amber ale, made with superior Maris Otter malt
Christmas Cracker (ABV 6.0%) (available in December)

Bottled Beers:
Most of their beers are available in bottle-conditioned form

Recommended Outlets:
Queens Hotel, Newton Abbot; White Hart, Buckfastleigh; Wolborough Inn, Newton Abbot; Clifford Arms, Shaldon

Totem Brewery ,
Tel: 01626 330358
Email: totembrewing@gmail.com
Totem Brewery

Totem Brewery is a new craft brewery based in Ogwell, South Devon. More details coming soon.

Recommended Outlets:
Teign Cellars, Newton Abbot; Bronx Bar & Cue, Teignmouth

Two Beach Brewing Company ,
Ness Cove, Shaldon, Teignmouth, TQ14 0DE
Tel: 01626 873427
Email: contact@odetruefood.com
Two Beach Brewing Company

This brewery opened in 2013 and uses equipment formerly used at the Ringmore Craft Brewery nearby at Ringmore which has now closed. Two Beach brewery is located to the rear of Cafe Ode, a popular cafe and restaurant. The building is very eco-friendly and has wonderful views across the Teign estuary to Teignmouth and beyond.

Regular Beers:
Ode Ale (ABV 4.2%)
Oaresome (ABV 4.6%)

Recommended Outlets:
Cafe Ode, Shaldon

Please note that the following breweries that used to be active in our branch area have now closed:
- Dartmouth, Newton Abbot
- Gidleys Brewery, Christow

- Ringmore Craft Brewery, Ringmore, Shaldon
- Scattor Rock Brewery, Christow


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