What are the basic techniques for making a cocktail?

To enjoy a cocktail, you do not have to visit the bartender every time. You can make it at home as you wish. However, to make a cocktail like a real bartender, there are some techniques you can use. Read this short text to discover some of these techniques.

The cocktail shaker technique

To make a cocktail at home, the shaker is the utensil you need. Generally, it is the most known and appreciated utensil by all bartenders because of its ease of use. No matter what type of cocktail you want to make, it can be with or without alcohol, the shaker technique is very recommended. It should be noted that a shaker is used to refresh, mix different thick ingredients and to stir the mixture efficiently. To use a shaker, there are a few steps to follow. First, put ice cubes in the shaker, then pour the ingredients into the shaker in the correct order of your recipe. Often, the right order suggests that you should always start with the juices, the eggs and finally the alcohol. After this step, close the shaker and place your hands on the shaker so that one hand is on top and the other is at the bottom. Then, shake the shaker properly and put the mixture in a glass. Before serving it, take the time to decorate it, it offers the feeling of a real bartender.

Making a cocktail in a mixing glass

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To make a cocktail at home, you can use the mixing glass technique. This technique gently and delicately refreshes the different ingredients of your cocktail recipe. Generally, the cocktail made with the mixing glass is without alcohol because it is what the bartenders carry out very often. To make a successful cocktail by mixing glass, there are a few steps to follow. First, fill the glass halfway with ice, then pour in the ingredients in the order of your cocktail recipe. Using a spoon, stir the mixture energetically for about ten seconds. After that, use a strainer to strain the mixture into a cocktail glass and garnish it before serving.

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