Wine Tasting 101: How To Choose Your Wines In The Best Way 

Wine tastings are frequently super intimidating to the simple person. Wearing a suit and talking billions is a personality you can expect to present at these tastings. However, this intimidation of tasting wine is purely faux. If you have a wine tasting coming up and would like to be prepared for it, a few tips can help you settle down. Keep reading to find out more regarding how you can ace your very first wine tasting!



Steps to follow at a wine tasting to appear more confident and not intimidated


Hold your glasses by the stem.

As you begin your wine tasting, you will be handed glasses of different wines. It is vital that you hold the glass by its stem and not around the body as you can transfer heat into the glass, which can make it warmer and lose a bit of its flavor. Holding the glass by its stem not only shows proper etiquette when it comes to tasting wine but also helps you make better decisions.

Make your choice gradually.

Significantly, do not feel any sort of pressure or intimidation when choosing your wines. Be sure to stay calm and maintain good behavior throughout the wine tasting. This means if you think you like a wine, make sure you do not get over-excited about it and choose it that instant. Wait and gradually make your decision after trying a few glasses. It will help you make a more clear cut decision. Plus, you will appear patient. 

Smell your wines

Did you know that your nose takes up half of the flavor of anything you consume? If you feel like it, make sure you take a sniff of each wine you are being served with. Again, not only will this make choosing a lot easier, but it will also help you make the best decision. 


As discussed, by following these tips, your wine tasting ceremony will be as easygoing as ever. Do not give in to your inner saboteurs, and make sure you participate in these worldly things!

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